Creative Influences – Research

This is my research into my creative influence. This is what i could do and where i could go after i finish my foundation degree at Staffordshire University.

  1. Topping up my degree by doing a 3rd and final year.

This isn’t essential, but because of this being a foundation degree course, i have only got to do 2 years on this course. I have an option to top up my degree and turn the foundation degree to a full degree, which i will just have to do another year at either here or another university. Here is some research on my options on where i could go.

Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 13.50.36.png

My first option is the obvious one, i could stay at Staffordshire University and do a top up year. This seems like the easiest option as i wont have to spend the money to live in at an accommodation and i can still continue to live at home. Another thing that makes me really cautious about going to a different university is that i will be doing things I’ve already done, or something they have already done and i haven’t. To this point, this is something i really like the sound of, just to keep things simple.

Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 14.06.17.png

The second option is to go to a different university to do my top up year, i have collected a few options here, my first option being the university of Kent. Overall this sounds like a very good degree and it details all of its excellent high qualified tutors and how good the course is. They also mention how they enter competitions including some in London as well. This sounds like a great university but as i said before, moving away would mean more money and they might teach things i already know etc.


Another one of my options is Bath Spa University. Like the Kent university course, this also sounds very good. On the website, it details how you will be doing picking up a lot of new skills, including improving on things we already know, like working with clients, time management etc. Although i already get that experience and skills at my university, its nice to see them detail that down to think about our future, as the Kent university never did. Again, like the Kent one, i have one big worry about this one, which is making me not entirely sure what i want to do afterwards.


This one is for Nottingham Trent University and these are the details for the final year there. As far as the details, the course itself actually sounds very good, detailing things like live briefs, that will give me a work experience edge, but i already do live briefs on my course. I attended an open day for Nottingham Trent university just before i started the course that i am currently doing. Although the university itself was a very nice place, with up to date software and a very nice library of resources, the course was not particularly want i wanted at the time, and i don’t think it is going to be much different if i was to go back and do a top up year. As well as doing graphic design, they mixed the course so i would have had to do 50% art if i enrolled, which is something i don’t/didn’t want to do. Out of all i researched, this is my least favourite and probably wont even be a consideration in my research.

Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 15.48.07.png

The final university i researched is Oxford Brookes university. This is also the top up course that i can do to expand my knowledge and get a full degree. There is not many details about this course on the site, it seems that if i wanted anymore detail i would have to go to an open day. Because the site doesn’t detail much, it makes me not want to choose this university.

Out of all the research I’ve done comparing all the different universities, the best option in my opinion is staying with Staffordshire, its just a lot more simple to just continue the course i was doing. I don’t have to take my time to move out and move to a different place, and i already know the course and the leader, so its an easier option and an option i will very happily consider to do after i finish this year.

2. Starting up my own business

For my minor project at the end of this, my idea is to make a website for something i created a couple of years ago called Project Apollo. Wether that be to have it as a design company or a t-shirt company, my plan is to then expand on that for my final major project by making it into an actual company and starting it up. For this, i will need to look at getting a fund to set up a business.

Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 15.54.18.png

This is called the school for social entrepreneurs. This specialises in funding projects and ideas for people to earn a living. To do this, you need do develop either a charity or a social enterprise. The SSE is a course which will help your business improve and help you find the missing tools into setting up your own business. This does sound like an extremely helpful thing to do, especially with finding out what can be improved with a business and seems like quite a reasonable option for myself.

Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 16.05.15.png

This is a scheme run by the Arts Council of England, called Grants for the Arts.This is a funding programme, where individuals are able to get a certain sum of money to set up their own business. You can get anything from £1,000 to £100,000 from them. This is probably the best one i have seen, it is very genuine, they want to just help people by funding their business etc. This also sounds great compared to the SSE because these specialise in arts, while as the SSE are pretty much anything.

Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 16.12.26.png

This programme is actually ran through the National Lottery. This is a similar programme as the Arts council one, in the fact of, they give grants specifically for arts. This one, like all the others, state that you must be reaching audiences in England and doing something to support change. This one is more of a based idea, its very fixated on the idea of helping out people, helping out young people and children, and get the arts community known by funding your business idea. It does sound good but mainly to me sounds trustworthy, because we all know the National Lottery, this is the only scheme i have researched that i have actually heard of.

Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 16.18.02.png

This last one is called the Prince’s Trust. This is also a scheme to help fund ideas and suggestions made by young people to try and transform their life. Like the SSE, the reason that is putting me off this one is the fact it doesn’t specialise in art, but everything. If i was to look into one, it would be one that specialises in art.

Out of all the funding schemes i have researched, i have come to a conclusion that if i was to use one, it would be the Arts council’s Grants for the arts. This scheme sounds the best out of all of them, it sounds like they invest a lot of time into wanting to make artists successful and drive them to a positive life and job.

3. Get a job in design

My last option is to get a job in graphic design. I have researched jobs online to find a couple that i like the sound of. I could leave University and try to get a job in my industry and here are a few examples that i could try if i wanted to.

Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 11.08.57.png

This one is a job opportunity for Unidays in Nottingham. At first glance when i saw this, it actually sounded like an amazing opportunity. I know of the Unidays company and would love to design like that, but the role might be to high up for myself. The job is asking for a creative director for a creative team, which is a role i probably wouldn’t land especially because i have no experience in working yet. Aside from the job sounding great, i don’t think i would meet the requirements within experience in the industry.



This one is for a company called Adrem Group. Like the Unidays job, this one also has a requirement for experience and when it comes to job experience, i only have a week works experience at the minute. Another requirement they have is that the designer applying for the role specialises in Industrial design, something i don’t know a great deal about.

Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 12.18.31.png

This is a job opportunity for a career consultant company called Network. This job role is for a junior graphic designer, so it fits my role perfectly as i will be just coming out of university by the time i can apply. The other requirements is that i have a good knowledge of InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator, which i have a really good knowledge about in my opinion. Out of all i have researched so far, this is the most perfect one i have found.


This final job opportunity i have found is for a company called Eden Marsh. The role is asking for a junior designer to join their creative team. Like the Network job, this is a perfect role for myself because i will only be classed as a junior designer by the time i leave my university course. The design disciplines include advertising, branding, editorial, graphics and print, all of which i can do and i enjoy doing. This job also sounds really good.

The best job opportunities are definitely the last 2 that i researched. I obviously have to bare in mind that i will be classed as a junior designer and i need to look for jobs who want a junior designer. With that being said, i also know all of the design techniques that they require, so it would be a great opportunity for myself.

To come to a conclusion, i have researched 3 things that i can do when i finish my university course. The thing that i have decided on after doing my 2 year course is to stay and do an extra year to top up to my full degree. This is the best option for me, it opens more job roles for myself, and i will end up getting a better job in the end of it. The only thing that is required of my is to do my UCAS again for a 3rd year.


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