Visual Communication – Research

Visual communication


Visual communication the form of communication displayed through art. It is all vision that displays a message to an audience. It’s usually presented with 2D images in several different techniques including advertising, typography and animation. Visual communication is greatly powerful and can convey such deep messages; it is used to educate people on different things, its used in a persuasive manor as well, such as propaganda.

Visual communication in my opinion is the best way to convey a message to something, it can make the audience feel so many emotions and can get over a message in such a unique way. It is also an easier way for people to understand things, such as if you are in a different country and cant understand the language on a menu; you can look at the visual image of that food to help you to understand what it is.




Propaganda is a form of information where the art is biased towards one subject. The information on the art (usually in the form of a poster) has been used to manipulate people into thinking something else. The form of propaganda is still used to this day and is a well-known selling technique for different companies. Propaganda was first popularized during the world war, where they would try to convince people to join the army, being biased and conveying the message that it was a good thing. The misleading nature behind propaganda made it almost impossible to refuse, convincing and turning a lot of heads, which is why it is one of the most popular art forms ever used. The current most popular form of propaganda that is still used in high form today is politics, and the election of the new president.


This piece was from one of the world wars, and is a propaganda piece to try and get people to join the army. This piece is very manipulative as it almost forces someone to join by saying that they have a spot and to fill it, but this was the whole point of Propaganda. It is a very good piece of work in my opinion as it got the message over in a visual way and attracted people to do that job. I like the big text on this, like there is no minor detail at all, everything is bold and in your face, which it should be and makes this a great piece of Propaganda.


This piece is also from the world wars , where Propaganda originated. It features a woman to try and encourage women to work in the factories. Like the last piece, it is very encouraging and forceful, just directly giving the message and telling people they had to. The poster features a woman looking like she is using hand gestures to try and bring people in. The poster also features bold white text at the bottom saying ‘come into the factories’ which is very eye catching to any viewer. This piece works in my opinion, it looks very nice and delivers the message that they wanted, I really like it.


This piece features a feminist icon in Rosie the Riveter. She is the face of feminism and sends over the message that women can do exactly what men do, there is no difference in gender and everyone is equal. This poster features her stood rolling her sleeves up to show some muscle. It also features a piece at the top saying ‘we can do it!’. This is directly giving the message that women can do whatever they set their minds to. I really like this piece, in fact its probably my favourite piece of propaganda, i love the way the colours are placed on it, which makes this piece even more eye catching. The yellow background makes Rosie stand out more to any viewer.


This piece was also used during the world wars. The gorilla represents Germany as a killing beast. This is a very good piece of Propaganda in my opinion, although the message isn’t as distinct as the others. Apart from the enlist U.S army, the viewer has to pay attention to detail to realise who the poster is about and what it is campaigning for. I think its a great piece, its something just a little different to kind of engage and enrage someone. I like the message it gives off, how the message is very forward and demanding, telling them to destroy Germany basically, which obviously worked very well at that time.


This is the final example and was also used during the world wars. It features Uncle Sam, a cultural icon to America, he some what represents America, by wearing their colours and the stars on his hat. The poster features him pointing at the viewer and the text says ‘I want you for U.S army’. The text it very bold and in your face, as well as the YOU being a different colour and slightly larger, to try and get the message directly across. I like how simple this poster is, out of all of them, its probably the most simplistic but has a big impact in getting the message across.


We have been tasked to take an image and crop it 5 times in different ways, to show that at different perspectives they could give off different messages and if it works.


This is the original image of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The image shows him saluting with a blank expression on his face.


In this one i cropped him so it was just his face and his hand. Because it has just been cropped to see his face and his hand saluting this can show him in an evil aspect.


In this one i slightly zoomed into his face, the main reason i cropped this in this way, was to get rid of the salute, which shows him in a normal sense, not in an evil or nasty way.


In this one i took the one from last time and i zoomed in on it a bit more. This can show him in a more intense way because the shot is really close up in his face. This shows his nasty/evil side more and portrays him as a bad guy.


In this one i cropped it so it was half of his face and his hand as well, again like the old one this shows him in an evil aspect, but with showing the hand, if people don’t know him they can see from the hand gesture that he is a leader. Out of all of them this worked best in my opinion, catching him in his evil element, showing that he is a leader but still showing that he is a nasty human being.


Journalism/Editorial Design


A journalist is someone who collects information to display in certain fields of information, such as magazines, posters, leaflets and newspapers. A journalist can either be used as a hobby for someone who just does it for fun or a profession. Once the journalist collects the information, it will be broken down, journalists have to make sure to get as much information as they possibly can. Editorial design is designing how the text will be placed and the design of the item as well. It is important we have this design, its widely used under any circumstance. It became popular, especially in the newspaper industry. Although the newspapers aren’t read as much anymore, it is still used socially, every person that looks at their phone is looking at information provided through the journalist profession and made up by editorial design.


This piece is a piece in a cookbook, it features the text on the left hand side describing the dish and on the right it features sort of an infographic on how to make it and what to do. It represents both journalism and editorial, first of all the information would have had to be taken from a source and then edited into a book with a graphic on the side. I like the illustration on the side, I think it works really well with the text and it makes the reader want to do that recipe, for simplifying it if they don’t want to read the text.


This piece features an infographic, represented by colours for the different topics. Like the piece before, this represents both journalism and editorial design, with the text being taken from a source and edited into this book with the infographic. I think it works really well, it is very simplistic with their just being little amounts of text and just the infographic on the left page.


This piece is done for a magazine and is an example of both journalism and editorial design. I really like this piece, i think it works well with everything, how the text is placed, the colours etc. The text title in green behind the body text works really well and makes it stand out quite a lot. I think its a good piece in my opinion working well with everything and standing out for the readers to be invested straight away.


In this picture you can see different newspapers that spin off from the Guardian. Newspapers are a great example of journalism and editorial design and is probably one of the most common methods of it. A newspaper is made everyday when journalists have to find different sources of information and an editor will edit them into it. I like the concept of the newspaper and i think its the best example of journalism and editorial design.


This piece shows a big infographic in a magazine about the gender divide and economy. I really like this piece and think it is also a great example of journalism and editorial design. This has a great mix of text and imagery, it works very well on it. The colour scheme is very nice also. This is a good example, showing the statistics and facts obtained by a journalist and a great example of editorial, with a nicely designed finished piece of work.




Advertising in design is the use of visuals to advertise services and products. If companies didn’t use advertising to promote their product, it would prove really hard to gain sales. Advertising in design includes posters, brochures, websites, leaflets, business cards etc. To advertise a company well, you need to be able to market that certain product or thing, to drive your target audience to buy or visit. Advertising is colossal today and is a very popular need from graphic designers, it is used everywhere to promote certain things and companies will always be in need of it for generations to come. Although widely needed in this day and age, advertising started a long time ago and was popularised by car manufacturers, such as Ford, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Advertising can be found almost anywhere today, even boiling down to least expected places, like banners on websites, or small graphics on a shop window explaining a promotion. Either way the use of advertising proves to be extremely clever, which is why it is important a designer knows what he/she is doing. A successful advertisement needs to catch the target audience’s attention. It needs to drive that customer, either to want what is advertised or remember what is being advertised, such as logos for different companies. The importance of advertising grows more when making logos, something that is also extremely popular to this day. The importance of a logo is an insanely big deal for a company, because they need to drive their target audience to remember what they are selling. Although popularised as usually a badge with a small bit of text, over the years, many logos have just started to contain just text, such as clothing companies.


This piece is a website for a web development industry. It shows great advertisement on here, with the header containing their logo and what they do with a little slogan. The background is a dark blue to match their theme with a planet in the background to represent ‘cosmic’. I think this is a great example of advertisement in showing what the company is about and what it has to offer.


This piece is couple of brochures/leaflets for airlines Thomson and First Choice. I think this is also a great example of advertising with each leaflet having a big image on the front to show off what they do. The leaflets also have the title of the company along the top to straight away catch the viewers eye and show that they are advertising holidays. I think it works very well, like they don’t need a great deal of information on it to stand out to an audience, which makes this piece work really well.


This piece is to advertise Lego. It just features a couple of Lego blocks that make a plane and underneath it is the shadow of a plane. I love this advertisement and think it is a really nice example of advertisement. It is so simplistic and conveys the message that you can literally build anything with Lego. I think it works really well, and they literally just have a small logo in the bottom corner, they don’t need no big text advertising text because everyone will know what it is. It is also eye catching with the bold red on the bright blue background.


This piece is a business card made for a women who specialises in nails. I again think this works really well, on one side having her logo in different colours and the other side containing her logo, name and details. I think this is a great example of advertisement, it shows 2 different styles in the form that one side is very busy and complex, while the other is very simplistic and straight forward. I like this piece and think its a very eye catching business card that gets her business across to any viewer.


This piece is 2 separate leaflets to advertise a dance class. I really like this piece of advertising, I love the use of shape to display their images. I also love the hidden messages in the title text, on the left the pink reads one audition and the right one highlights the letter I, in that the reader can make a difference. I think they both work really well, they are eye catching and very professional looking.




Illustration is a posh word for drawing. An illustration is often done in any style that is wanted by the artist, either in incredible detail or as little detail as possible. Illustrations usually stand on their own as a piece, they never really have text on them, unless used in an editorial way and incorporated with text. Illustration is one of the first forms of art, forming way before graphic design; illustration is a natural way of art. It is still used widely today. It’s a very time consuming way of art, especially if done in high detail but the results are always mesmerising and attractive to an audience. It has a big impact on the industry with being one of the most popular art forms of today.


This piece is an illustration someone has done over the top of a magazine image. I think it looks really nice and unique. The illustration really stands out in my opinion because of the contrast from real imagery to the drawing. I think it looks nice and works really well.


This piece features a drawing made out of triangles. I think like the last piece that it is very unique, with its own individual style that stands out. I really like this piece and how the smaller triangles are filled in to represent shadow, i think it works really well.


This piece is a illustration of the Star Wars film poster. I think this is a great example of illustration, its really nicely done with every fine detail of the actual poster being detailed by the illustrator. Again like the other 2, I love the use of shadow on this, with every little inch being shadowed.


This piece is a pen illustration done of a reindeer that has a tree to represent his antlers. I think this is a really nice piece, the artist has manipulated it and incorporated 2 things into 1, which i think looks really nice. The piece works really well, like the others i think it has nice detailing to it, with every little bit being highlighted on it. I also really like the fact it was drawn in pen, i think its very nicely detailed for saying its done with a pen.


This piece is a really nicely done piece that I found on the NASA website. It features the details of the spacesuit, you can tell its old with the tape holding it down and the post it notes that are placed over the text to replace the things that have changed over the years. The fact that this piece has a historic background makes it great but its actually a very nice drawing with impeccable detail and annotation to describe it.


Copywriting (use of words in art, design and media)


Copywriting in design is the use of words in the piece of art. It is usually found in headlines, sub-headers and taglines on online news articles. The best example of this is on Vice’s website. With every article the piece of text used as the headline matches the sites theme and font. Its also used in slogans for companies and manifestos as well. A Manifesto is when someone has intentions on what they want to do for something, what they want their outcome to be. They will often do it for customers and clients.


This piece is the mission statement of Ben and Jerry’s. It is their mission statement to deliver to their customers. I really like it, the text is all done in the Ben and Jerry’s font and the illustrations are all done in that same cartoon style that they style on their ice cream tub. I like it because although it is professional, it retains their own style, as well as being eye catching and making people want to read it.


This piece is a manifesto for opportunity for everyone. I think like the Ben and Jerry’s piece it is very eye catching, it is done professional but has a nice style and colour scheme to it. I love the use of shape and how they joined it together like tiles and had the title in the biggest square. Its eye catching yet simplistic, it simply gets the message across on what they want to achieve which I really like about it.


This piece was done for a Jewish movement taking place in Poland. Compared to the other 2, I am not a huge fan of this one. I just think that the writing is hard to read with the logo in the back, plus it has quite a lot of writing which is fine if they have a lot of manifestos, but someone could lose interest in it straight away when seeing how much they have to read. The only thing i like about it is that the dashes are larger than the text, which says to me how important the points are.


This is a mission statement taken from San Diego College. I like how professional this looks, its got a very sleek design which is great because they want to draw an audience and have professional element because of them being a place of education. Even though its laid out more professionally, like the Jewish manifesto i think theres way to much text to keep readers invested, its not fun to read it unlike the first 2.


This is an example of a slogan. I think this is a great example of copywrited text because its one of the most recognised and known slogans. It is very unique, it has its own bold font to represent the Nike brand. I also like the full stop, which is telling the reader to essentially stop reading and remember it, I think its great advertising.


Pre 1990’s Visual Communication


The very first form of visual communication came from cave paintings, which was a very natural art technique that originated from the stone ages. They made the ink from charcoal and dirt, often mixed with different things such as animal fat. The ancient people decorated their caves to protect them.

Posters were a big part of visual communication becoming as big as it has; it was an early form of visual communication that was very popular pre 1990’s. Propaganda was probably the most popular and eye catching visual communication piece at its time, it was used to recruit people to war so they could fight for their country by using mind bending methods to attract an audience.

Another popular poster type pre 1990’s is the posters that were made for the theatre, to advertise different plays. Obviously pre 1990’s didn’t have the social networking element that we do now so they had to make eye-catching posters to draw an audience to come to their shows.


This is a cave painting made by cavemen. It just features a lot of handprints of the cavemen that owned that cave. It is one of the earliest forms of art and has a lot of historic background behind it. I love how unique it is and how all of their materials were natural sources, quite a lot of people use natural sources today to stand out and make their work unique.


This is another cave painting. This one doesn’t feature hands but it features different symbols that stood for something back in the pre-historic times. Like the last piece, its very unique how they did it and is a method some people still use to this day.


This piece was a magazine cover done by David Carson. This magazine was founded in 1983 which was when Carson designed this cover. I really like this piece, i think it was extremely unique compared to what was popular at that time.


This piece was for a magazine called Emigre. This was founded in 1984, so a year after Transworld skateboarding. Like Transworld, it sticks with the edgy theme which was really popular at that time. I like the unique cover on this, with the font having different weights for each letter, I think it works really well, as well as the colour scheme looking great.


This poster was done for the film Psycho which was released in 1960. I really like this poster, it looks really old school which i like. It features the main actress that is overlaid in the colour yellow to match the title colour. The title rip and the body text down the left side also looks really good, I think it works really well.


Public information (UK)/Social Awareness


Public information is use of art to inform the public of a certain thing. This can be used in any form of art; it just needs to convey a message to the public, wether that is out in the public or social media etc. Social awareness is where companies use artwork to get over a message to an audience. One of the more popular social awareness campaigners is WWF. They do quite a lot of art that nearly pushes the boundary of offensive, but it always gets their message across. On these campaigns, the company will also detail how people can help the cause by listing things to do. I think social awareness campaigns are the best way to get a message across to anyone because it always has a deep and meaningful message behind it.


This piece was done as a campaign to stop drink driving. I really like how much of a deep impact this has, which it should do to get the message across. The poster features all 4 bottles of different alcohol with different things that could happen if you get caught drink driving. I think it works, I really like it as a piece and I think it has a big impact on a lot of people.


This piece was also done to campaign drink driving. I think this one is slightly more controversial than the last because it features a dead body under a white sheet, whose death has been labelled as drink driving. I like how it suddenly gets the viewers attention with the bold text at the top, I think this is a very impactful poster and did a good job of getting the campaign over to others.


This poster was done as a campaign to stop animal circuses. It features an animal with their face painted like a clown. This, like the other 2 has a very deep meaning and is a great example of social awareness/public information. Because of the lion having bright colours on his face I think it helps this piece stand out to any viewer.


This piece was done during the cold war in America, to inform the public to duck and cover because they were afraid they would get nuked. The thing i like about this one, unlike the previous ones I have researched, this has a cartoon design, which is not childish, but its just getting the message across to a wider audience, such as children. I think this works really well, especially with what was happening during the cold war.


This piece is to campaign violence against girls. This also has an extremely deep meaning, with it featuring a celebrity who has written on her face how she feels since she was abused. I really like this piece, I think it also conveys a very deep message to women and men a like, to try and stop it. Out of all these pieces, I want to make my controversial advertisements hold a deep message like these, to get over the message to viewers more and to not be taken lightly.


Pixel Sorting and Weaving


Pixel sorting is an effect on images where they mix the pixels to create a glitch effect on screen. It is a very modern effect that is trending within designers at the minute. The effects that come from it make the image look really cool. Here are a few examples.


This pixel sort is of New York City. This looks really nice on it and makes the city look almost futuristic.


This pixel sort is of a waterfall. This is a really cool glitch on the waterfall; it looks like bricks falling into water.


We were then tasked to make our own pixel sort on a controversial topic. I chose to do one on a BBC article about Islamic people fleeing their town, this was one of those images that I pixel sorted.


Weaving is an older method, where you take 2 images and weave them together to create a new one, basically a manipulation. It creates new images that can sometimes look really nice. Here are some examples.


This is weaving of 2 images, one a black and white image and one a coloured image. This in my opinion works really well because of the 2 colours, it looks like a pattern. This one is slightly different to the others because they have weaved just the face and it doesn’t just stay in one direction. This looks really cool and is a unique take on a normal weave.


This is my weave that I did on 2 different photos from magazines. My plan was to have the heads meet, but unfortunately, although the heads were the same size, the image size put the second head a bit more off so it didn’t match. Apart from that I think it looks very cool, you have to really study the piece to see the 2 images.

Juxtaposition and Superimposition


Juxtaposition is combining two things together to create a contrast effect. Quite often used to convey a message, whether it is humorous or serious.


Superimposition is placing one item over another but both are still visual. Quite commonly used in forensic to identify someone by facial features.


Visual Juxtaposition is the use of imagery to combine and create a contrast. I think I will use this in my work.


Textual Juxtaposition is using a piece of text like a poem etc. with the use of image. It’s a unique way to display text with the use of imagery as well.

I will try and use this more in my work because it is a very unique method of getting a message across.


This is just an experiment I did using 2 different images. The only problem I have with it is that I don’t have a meaning behind it at all, and if I were to use this technique in my work, I would need a meaning.


I think I will use it in my work because it helps to convey a message in a unique way. I can hold a deep meaning in my work using this method as well.


This is another experiment I did where I took an old photo (pre-9/11 attacks) and a new photo of New York and combined them with each other in exactly the same place. This is quite a popular form of superimposition and quite a lot of people have done it for several things including movie scenes etc.


This is another example of superimposition and signifies the anger shared from the women shouting of another women. To represent the anger, I used a lion roaring to create that anger in the image.



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