5 Year Plan

5 Year Plan.

This is my plan for the next five years of my life after I finish my second year of university.

Year 1 

For my first year, I want to stay on at Staffordshire University and top up my degree so I have a full degree and not a foundation one. Im looking to be able to maximise my potential by learning more and adapting to different styles so that when I do finish this year i will be able to work under any conditions for anyone. I want to be able to feel like i can do anything within graphics, so any piece of work. I want to feel like i can confidently go and get some work or even set up my own business. I want to develop my skills in freelancing a little more. I have done work for various clients in the past and i want to expand my catalog of clients so that when I leave university and do what else i have planned, i have freelancing to fall back on if i need any money at all. I want to be able to achieve my target of finishing the course and passing, I want my full degree and i want to have earned it. I also want to maximise my time at my part time job by taking on a new role. At the minute I am a sales assistant at Burton Menswear and although I have been given opportunity to do things such as set up and merchandise stores, I want to better my craft by taking on leader roles and possibly become a key holder. Being a key holder at work will allow me to adapt to a managerial role which is something i shall need experience for when I am going to try and become the owner of a business etc. Although clothing is obviously completely different to what I want to do, being able to be in the position of a leader will enable me to pick up experience and better myself to make myself perfect for that sort of role before starting up a business in the years to come.

Year 2

For my second year, I shall be travelling down and living in London with my girlfriend, I will either have left my job at Burton Menswear or had a transfer to the London store, depending on my options. My Girlfriend will be studying down there on an intensive course in Fashion, so I will be living with her. My plan is to try and get work experience there, just so that i have experience working in a bigger city in front of bigger clients. I will obviously quit Burton Menswear if an opportunity like this arises. Being able to gain work experience in London would really benefit me, enabling me to reach my full potential of work and say that i had experience in London on my CV. It will also create more work for my portfolio, and working with bigger clients will make my portfolio look a ton better. Failing the work experience, I will be looking to do freelance work down there and continue it from the previous year. With my book of clients being expanded and having more opportunity in a bigger place, I will be able to earn a reputation wether I am just work experience or a freelance, either way it will work. If i become a freelance it will enable me to work from home, which I don’t mind at all, but i just think being in a working studio would benefit me ,more and provide me with experience for when I am older and trying to set up my own business. It will also give me an idea on work rate and what things I will have to bare in mind to make my business a successful one. With my girlfriend being fashion based, if i am still struggling, i can gain experience from working for her clients and designing logos and stationary for small businesses if they want to set it up, even branding themselves is something I’d be happy to do, I can gain experience from that and money at the same time. Being there for a big period of time, I could even take a course down there to extend my knowledge in my craft, and learn some things that i may not have known before, or even take tutorials online on things such as motion typography, and get used to fields that i didn’t know a lot about/didn’t know at all.

Year 3

For my third year, I want to travel to America. I have had this ambition for a while now and i have been saving to travel since i started college back in 2013. I want to be able to travel the world and see it before i do decide to settle down later in life. I am wanting to visit as much of America as I can, wether that be hiring a car or flying to different parts of it when I need to. I want to explore the creative culture in America, I am fascinated by how everything looks In America, the layout of roads, the buildings on the roads, graffiti on the buildings, the designs of different advertisements and packaging and more. It is so different in America that it is here in the UK. Being able to discover the culture and meet people along the way will enable me to pick up on trends, such as what style is popular at the minute and why is it popular. I also want to try networking as much as possible. Being over there with no job and only a certain amount of money, means ill have a lot of spare time but will have to return at a certain point, so i want to make the most of it by meeting new people and potential clients. I also want to talk to companies, different design places that are either small or big. This will expand my knowledge even more and will be really interesting to learn about how different businesses work in different parts of the world. Being able to meet new people and explore art work and businesses somewhere that is new to me gives me essentially a confidence boost. It enables me to talk to different people and be able to know how to talk properly to client and various businesses that could even be a future employer.

Year 4

For my fourth year, I want to decide on where I shall be living in the future, wether that be here in the United Kingdom or if i see another place I like in the U.S.A etc. To afford a place I need to secure a full time job, so i will be spending my fourth year looking for a full time job that will secure me a house/place to live before i eventually set up my own business. Because i will be desperate job i will jump to any opportunity given to me, even if it was freelance just to get me on my feet i would accept it. Because i wont be rushing to set up my own business, taking this year to get a job and work on freelance etc. will give me more experience before taking it into my own hands and making my own business. Being able to gain better experience in a work place and adapt to the working lifestyle in my place that i decide to live. Being able to meet clients from doing work for different companies will be a big focus for me as well. Because i am wanting to set up my own business the year after i want to cram in as much experience as i possibly can. I want to be able to further my knowledge in different subjects of the creative industries. I want to use my spare time to take up and learn things like photography and video editing, so that i can get as much client work as i possibly can for every subject. Being able to pick up more skills and learn software that i didn’t know before can only work in my advantage, so when i do set up my own company, I can get work from any client  on anything and i wont be turning down a potential client because i do not know the software.

Year 5

For my fifth and final year i want to achieve my goal from this whole five year plan and that is to set up my own graphic design company/creative business. All the years previous were basically setting up for when i finally did make my business, and i was able to gain and cram as much experience for this over the past 5 years. My only real requirement for my business is that i want to set it up in a city, a big place that requires lots of work and that i can gain really good experience from just incase my business was to fail. Hopefully by this point i will have built up my contacts and will have a few clients that i could possibly do work for to get my business started up and out there. I will also make sure that myself and my studio are heavily represented on social media as advertising. I will be spending the year building myself up a portfolio, not only online but in physical form as well, so that clients who prefer a hand held copy to look at what work they will be getting can have one. Once i have decided where i shall be living i can decide where and who i set up my business with, My friend Alex who is a video editor and website builder said that he would make a company with me. On my level 5 course, we had to do a minor project and for mine i designed a website and Alex built it, It was for our custom company that we named Project Apollo. If i live in England and in Staffordshire, I am sure that Alex will set this company up with me. If I end up living in America however, I will either have to start one with people I have met previously or I will have to go alone and recruit from there. Either way, for my fifth year i want to make my own design company using the experience I have gained in my years before.

Here is my Action Plan for my five year plan, explaining my resources.

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 15.55.27



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