Exhibition – The Degree Show 2017


We have been tasked to plan and put on an exhibition of our FMP. We will be organising everything for the exhibition, It lies in our hands and it up to us to work as a team to put on a successful exhibition. We have got to find a place to have the exhibition itself, we have to fund it and host it. We will host the exhibition from 13th – 17th May. We will have an opening night on the 13th, in which we will be inviting lots of guests and family, we will be closed on the Sunday and then open 10-4 Monday through to Wednesday.

First Meeting

Minutes for the Graduate Exhibition, Wednesday 18th January 2017

Attendees: Alex, Becky, Luke, Beth, Taz, Lotty, Lottie, Ollie, Silva

Apologies: Charlie, Kitty, Rachel

Burton Brewhouse is fully booked for the year Ollie’s dad’s building is available for the dates we want and would be no or very minimal charge

Next Wednesday, 25th January, at 1:30pm it’s been agreed by the group that we will go down to the potential venue to have a look and take photographs- power facilities, utilities, toilets, wall space, health and safety etc. It was questioned about the availability of parking at the venue but came to the conclusion that there is a big car park a short walk from the venue Because there are tenants living about the venue we would need to advise them of our plans about the potential increase in noise on the Saturday evening (launch night). Tower Brewery has been contacted by Lottie about using their space as a venue and the response was that they are busy during the week and don’t open for the public (apart from a Friday evening which is used for meetings and receptions). We discussed the name of the exhibition but came to no conclusion as of yet

Actions: Ollie is to collect the keys for the venue for next week Lottie and Beth are researching into and enquiring about port-o- loo costs as the venue doesn’t have bathrooms

Visit the venue

Second Meeting

Minutes for the Graduate Exhibition, Thursday 26th January 2017

Attendees: Alex, Luke, Beth, Taz, Lotty, Lottie, Ollie, Silva

Apologies: Becky, Charlie, Kitty, Rachel

Discussion of the venue with the 3rd years and all were happy with being involved in the exhibition after seeing the photos. Numbers who want to be involved in the exhibition: 19 people for definite, 4 undecided

£570 based on the 19 for definite where everyone puts in £30

£690 based on 24 people where everyone puts in £30

£380 based on the 19 for definite where everyone puts in £20

£480 based on 24 people where everyone puts in £20

3rd years were caught up to speed with the dates, expectations of them, and if they were

to be involved in being at the exhibition during the week- it was put forward that a shift rota will be made with those that want to be there during the day. Discussed the issues with the venue- minimal power sockets, and lighting in the evening of the launch night. Potentially 4 or 5 people will need a source of power. Still awaiting responses from a small number of potential sponsors/funding.


Find out if the 4 currently undecided want to be involved

Ollie is to get a confirmed price for the venue

Once there is a definite number of those exhibiting, we’ll begin to put together a budget


For the cost of the exhibition, obviously we had to cover it ourselves, meaning we had to put in a budget. We settled on £20 each. With us now sharing the exhibition with photography and fine art, there are 37 of us, giving a big budget of £740. We also decided that if they didn’t pay within our set deadline, they wouldn’t be displaying in our exhibition.

Name Picking

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 21.54.16

For name picking, we sat and all had input on what we fancied in terms of naming the exhibition. Everyone had a fair say in terms of the name and if they weren’t there to suggest a name, we gave them option on the group chat (above)

My name suggestion was Revolution, my reasoning for that is that we want to spark a new design concept, we all want to be different and stand out, hence the cliche that we want to start a revolution. According to a fellow student this name was already taken by a shop in Burton already. Although it doesn’t stop us from having the name, we want to be individual and when people feel they need to internet search us, they can find us easily and not find other stores such as the other one.

We eventually came to 4 names, in which we couldn’t decide a name between us, so we sent it to the group chat to see what everyone else’s thoughts were. We were left with ‘Things I’ve learned’, ‘Plug’/’Plugged’, ‘We’re all creatives here’ and ‘It is what it is’.

It took some time to really figure a name that fit with our exhibition, some of them were better because they kind of explained what it was and some, even though they sounded cool, didn’t really give away what it was, and this sparks fear because we will be having some attending who aren’t artists and won’t know anything at all.

In the end we completely scrapped the other ideas and decided we needed a more simple name, one that gave indication to people what we were doing and what our intentions were. That is when we came up with The Degree Show 2017. Although it is incredibly simple, It has what we want in a name, it tells the message before people can question it.


To get the exhibition off the ground and start letting people know of the dates its on, we need to start advertising it, so Becky and Alex came up with a few posters, in which we selected which one we liked best to represent us.


These were Becky’s posters. Overall I like them but I don’t think they are what we need, we need something a little more exciting. I like the simpleness of the posters themselves, but in my opinion, because we have such a basic name for it (The Degree Show), we need a better looking poster to make it better, showing everyone that no matter the name, the exhibition itself will be great.


These are Alex’s posters. I like these a lot better because they have a little more to them than Becky’s did. As I said before, Becky’s were just to simple and I felt like it didn’t really make our exhibition seem exciting. Alex’s are very vibrant in colour and straight away catch my eye. All 3 are great displays that perfectly describe an art exhibition in my opinion. The white and orange is a little more basic than the other 2 but because the font is big, it fills out the page and is eye catching for viewers.

More or less everyone, including myself have agreed that Alex’s pink poster is the nicest out of all designed. The glitchy feel to it makes it look very futuristic and exciting, it just catches your eye as soon as you look at it. Alex’s poster will now be adapted to fit our social media theming as well so we can start and promote, she will also be printing the posters soon, so we can start and advertise it to a wider audience.

Third Meeting

Minutes for the Graduate Exhibition, Wednesday 8th February 2017

Attendees: Alex, Lottie, Ollie, Rachel

Apologies: Becky, Charlie, Kitty, Silva, Luke, Beth, Taz, Lotty

Discussed the tasks and where we are, as a group, in regards to the plan

Finalised the Poster design

Finalised the numbers of exhibiters

Discussed and made brief sketches/ideas of how the space will look and how much space people will have to show their work

Discussed who we’d want to invite: creative staff and Chris Beech. The WhyNot Gallery, Hardy Signs, Ghost, Mayor, if invited could be given the task of choosing their own ‘best in show’

Rachel and Lottie to be curators of the show

Discussed giving out popcorn and/or having a confectionary cart there also


Create social media imagery/ banners for Beth to launch the FB group/ any other social media platforms

Luke needs to start to look into and collect catering costs

Make and finalise a list of invites for the launch night


We have decide to have the venue of the exhibition at the building my dad owns with is on George Street (DE14 1DP). We decided to have it there for a lot of reasons. Number 1 is that is our own space and own freedom, we have no rules or regulations as to our work and what we are allowed to put up and not etc. Its going to be a cheaper cost, when we looked at other venues such as the Brewhouse, they weren’t cheap to hire out, with the place my dad has, because it is my dad he has offered us to it for lower, but we are waiting to find out a definite price for it yet.

Above all things, its easily accessible, easy to get to and the building looks really nice to hold the exhibition in, it tells its own story because its an old building.

We have so much space as shown in the pictures, so we really will have no problem having lots of work because we will always be able to find somewhere for it to go. The place itself at the minute is full of things because my Dad is planning on turning it into flats at some point late 2017/2018, so it will require some work from us to clear it up and sweep etc. to make it look nice for the exhibition itself in May.

Social Media

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 15.01.25Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 15.02.10

These are our social media pages for advertisement. We have a Facebook page, since quite a lot of people are on Facebook, its easier to reach out to invite people to the event and take messages if anyone shows and concerns etc. We also have an Instagram where we will post photos of our progress such as work going up/being made and the exhibition itself. We think social media itself is really good when it comes to spreading the word on different events and news, so we thought it was important we had this up as soon as possible.

Fourth Meeting

Minutes for the Graduate Exhibition, Wednesday 15th February 2017

Attendees: Alex, Lottie, Ollie, Taz, Silva, Lotty

Apologies: Becky, Charlie, Luke, Beth, Rachel

Discussed the list of people to invite so we have a rough quantity of invites to get printed- looking at a maximum of 30

Is it worth getting a health and safety officer involved to help us through the risks so we have a professional perspective if anything were to go wrong- the issue with this is it could backfire on us and they might find too many issues with the venue.

It was decided by the group that we won’t go ahead with designing the catalogue for a few reasons:

Printing out design catalogues to hand to people on launch night will be very expensive (we’re looking at £30 per book, approx.). If it’s the case that others do want a book designed we should do it for the group and not for the public. We could still create a zine to hand out on launch night as they are cheap, quick and super easy to make. There’s only 2 weeks from our deadline date to the exhibition which wouldn’t be enough time to get the book designed, send off to the printers and returned before the 13th May.

It was suggested that we may need some one who is qualified in first aid at the exhibition launch night.

Lottie and Ollie went to speak to the photography group about finalising the numbers there and how much space they will need at the exhibition.

For our more important guests- i.e the studios, council, etc- it was suggested that we create a gift bag for them: zines, business cards, badges, totes, etc.

We talked about public liability and whether Lottie’s personal insurance would cover the whole group or just herself. When checking it appears as though it will, but we will need to wait until April 1st for the new policy- it might be worth pencilling in public liability in the budget just in case


Take measurements of the venue

Plan out exhibitor space

Send off posters and invites to be printed

Fifth Meeting

Minutes for the Graduate Exhibition, Wednesday 8th February 2017

Attendees: Alex, Lottie, Ollie, Rachel

Apologies: Becky, Charlie, Kitty, Silva, Luke, Beth, Taz, Lotty


  • Discussed the tasks and where we are, as a group, in regards to the plan
  • Finalised the Poster design
  • Finalised the numbers of exhibiters
  • Discussed and made brief sketches/ideas of how the space will look and how much space people will have to show their work
  • Discussed who we’d want to invite: creative staff and Chris Beech. The WhyNot Gallery, Hardy Signs, Ghost, Mayor, if invited could be given the task of choosing their own ‘best in show’
  • Rachel and Lottie to be curators of the show
  • Discussed giving out popcorn and/or having a confectionary cart there also


  1. Create social media imagery/ banners for Beth to launch the FB group/ any other social media platforms
  2. Luke needs to start to look into and collect catering costs
  3. Make and finalise a list of invites for the launch night


Me, Beth, Luke and Alex took a trip over the road from college to a company called Machine Mart to enquire about a generator to power our exhibition. We only needed it for a couple screens and lights just incase it went dusky/dark on the opening night. Beth spoke to the sales advisor, explaining what it was for and why we needed it. He explained that we were unable to actually hire them from there, they only sold them there. They ranged from £300 onwards. This was cutting into the budget quite a bit, especially with the public liability. He then explained about the generator itself, saying it would first of all need oil to power it. It is an extremely loud piece of equipment and the further away we placed it, the longer extension lead we needed. We then decided that it probably wasn’t a suitable option for us. With this being out the window, I confronted my Dad about the electricity. He said the building itself should have electricity when the exhibition comes around, meaning we will only have to pay for extension leads.



These are some screenshots of emails sent and received to try and get sponsorship for our exhibition. Unfortunately, as it stands we haven’t been able to get any sponsors for the exhibition at all, with some ignoring our emails and some replying saying no.

We aren’t in desperate need of sponsorship, with the extra advertising like putting the posters up and word of mouth, I think we possibly have enough exposure to get us a decent turn out on the opening night and the other days to follow.


Printing Costs

Printing the posters was something that we had to look into more or less straight away, although we had a while till the event itself, being able to advertise it as soon as possible meant we could kind of round up numbers on who is coming and making sure people are free to come see it, especially if we had clients coming along to it.

The email above was a printing place that Becky inquired at. She managed to get an email response from them very quickly which was a positive sign. Only downfall with this company is that it is in Falmouth, where Becky has moved to, and with us needing the posters as soon as possible to get everyone involved, we would have to pay for postage and packaging. This isn’t ideal and we had to email printers closer to home.


These are our final posters that Alex managed to get printed from a place called Print & Digital in Lichfield. She was able to pick them up on her way to university so we did not have to pay for delivery etc. This also only cost £36, which was well within our budget. We then inquired about getting them put up around the college itself so fellow students can come along and see us.


This is one of the ten that have been displayed inside the college facility, they have been evenly spread out around the college so a variety of people can see them and become interested in coming and seeing it.

Public Liability

To host the exhibition in our own space, we had to get Public Liability.


Beth sent an email to inquire about Lottie already having Public Liability, but we had no response.


This was our total for the Public Liability itself. It is a little higher than we first expected, we were originally expecting around the £250 mark, but because we went technically over 4 days because we are skipping Sunday we have had to pay more. Originally we all panicked because of it being so much, but because we hadn’t spent a lot of the budget, we were able to get it out of that with enough to cover the cost for other things we needed.

Display Boards


These are screenshots of Lottie’s emails to get the big white boards to display our work on. We were able to easily borrow the boards from the college, as this time of year they aren’t being used, its in June/July when the BTEC course will have their final exhibitions they will be used.

They delivered the boards Tuesday April 4th. Unfortunately I was unable to attend due to prior engagements, so I gave my key to Lottie, so she could let them in so they could unload the boards. They delivered 45 boards.

They then delivered the rest on Wednesday April 5th, in which we all went over to clean the space so we let them in to drop them. This only took them 3 drops and they were done early afternoon ready for us to put them up.



This is our planned layout for our exhibition. Me and Lance went over to the exhibition to measure up and get the dimensions of the hall, so we could roughly figure out the amount of boards we will get in. We will have plenty of space to display enough boards that we need. Because it is our space this gives us freedom on where to place different people and different pieces of work.

Risk Assessment


This is the risk assessment that Charlie did. I had to go over with her to let her into the venue for her to make notes on the risks that our building holds. As far as risk assessments go, I truly believe this could possibly incorporate more detail into different things, this is very basic and just touches on the risks but not in great detail.



On Wednesday 5th April (when we got the boards delivered), we got everyone together and we all went over to the space and gave it a clean. From the first photos, it was incredibly messy, with stuff all over the floor. We managed to move everything into the back part of the building so it was out of the way and in no danger of getting caught up in the hall while our exhibition went on. We did extremely well in my opinion to tidy the space and to make sure everything was ready. We are going to return after our deadline to set up the boards ready for the exhibition.


Although it took a while with everything getting sorted, we managed to pull off a successful exhibition. Launch night went so much better than all of us expected, with a very successful turn out of around 120 people. Everyone eventually managed to get all of their work up, although we had to open up for certain people on days we didn’t plan, we eventually got everything sorted. We had a very good amount of feedback from our launch night, everyone really liked everything. First of all, everyone liked the venue that it was in. The building set off a great atmosphere for our work, with nice lighting from the big windows to finish it off. Everyone managed to find the venue with ease and find suitable parking. We had great feedback as well about our work, with some people wanting post it notes to write feedback about how good peoples work was. The food choice of popcorn was a great choice, every bag of popcorn was gone within the first hour. Most of the people, who came, came within the first hour, after that it started to die down until we finally finished at 9. The mayor came as well, which made the night a huge success.


As far as negatives go, there were a few issues more so with the building than anything. As the night started to go on, the room gradually became darker, even though it wasn’t pitch black, it was still hard to see some of the highlight features of peoples work. At the end of the night as well it became very cold, which made people not concentrate on the work and want to leave, but apart from that nothing went wrong and the whole night was a complete success.

Working as a group proved harder than we all expected. At the start of the whole project we were very organised and it felt like we were working entirely as a group. But as time started to go by, many people didn’t put effort in with it. Not only that but we were asked to share the exhibition with photography and fine art, which was completely ok with us, but you would have thought with them getting involved, they would have helped a little more, which they didn’t. Only a few of them helped us, the rest left it until the last minute to come and put their work up and it even resorted with a couple of people not even bothering, and we had to put the work up for them.

We had to continuously come down to the exhibition over the last couple of weeks before the opening night and only 5 of us turned up, and it was the same 5 people. No one else bothered coming down to help, which proved extremely frustrating for us because we put a lot more work and effort in than they did. Working as a team felt harder as well because I felt we weren’t listened to, apart from the normal 5 of us, we listened to each other but when it came to the other people , we weren’t listened to at all.

We had a huge problem with peoples work, like I previously said, they just didn’t seem interested in even bothering putting their work up. We set up and messaged the group saying that we needed people to put up their work on the Wednesday and the Thursday. This then spiraled out of control because people were saying about putting it up Saturday, so we agreed to open the building a couple hours before opening on Saturday. We then got some people who forgot and wanted to put up Friday and Saturday morning. This meant so much racing around for us and our planned 2 days went to 4.

Nobody seemed to appreciate the work that we went to (aside from the visitors), but those who set up their work came and put up their work and that was it, aside from paying the money to us, they did absolutely nothing at all.

We also had a job list for everyone to follow, so that we could get things done quicker. Me, Lottie, Luke, Alex, Beth, Silva, Lotty, and Tasleem all stuck to the jobs that we were set. Most of the other jobs were done, but badly. For example, we asked Charlie to do the risk assessment (she didn’t display in the exhibition in the end) and it was done so poorly and so basic that we had to re-do it in the end.

Apart from that, I felt like 5 of us worked well as a group and displayed great teamwork that was able to successfully make and put on an exhibition. I really enjoyed my experience with the exhibition and feel proud of my colleagues and myself for being able to pull it off. If I was to do it next time, rather than have to be placed in a group with people that don’t bother, I would choose my team wisely, because we worked so hard, with all of us dedicating unnecessary time to the exhibition when we should have been completing work instead. Overall though, I am pleased with how everything turned out, we had such an amazing exhibition, great turn out and feedback, which is more than we could have asked for in the end.


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